Anonymous said: uhuuu demigods and shadowhunters voting together!

Aw, are the demigods gonna help us? Not gonna lie, that’d be really nice. I’ve always liked the Percy Jackson fandom because they’re pretty much like us with keeping to themselves and just having a good time.

I mean, I’m not gonna stress over the movie brawl and honestly I love The Hunger Games but since it’s our first film and first year in the brawl, it’d be really cool to win :)

totallytinythings said: I just finished city of fallen angels and I am SO angry right now :D I YELLED at the book, literally! Tell me Cassandra won't hurt me like that in city of lost souls. Tell me she won't ever do that to me again!!!! :D I have to wait till monday to start city of lost souls and I am just so-- full of energy right now! :D

Haha uhhhh well

you’re just going to have to read on :’) I’m not gonna say anything about it at the risk of spoiling lmao

Anonymous said: I'm sorry that by sending you that message blaming the hunger games fandom you got yelled at.

Nah it’s fine, they weren’t really yelling, just defending the fandom

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dudeilovmexican said: I think you can vote like 20 times or stuff..But open the tab again won't help. If you once get a message from the website telling you you can't vote anymore, nothing hepls then accept it or vote from another computer :D

Ohhhhhhh okay, thanks :)

mugglebornshadowhunter said: How many times a day can I vote? If I just close the browser and open it again, can I just cast my vote over and over?

I have absolutely no idea, sorry!

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Anonymous said: I'm a Hunger Games, Mortal Instruments, and Percy Jackson fan. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO VOTE WITHOUT FEELING LIKE A TRAITOR?



Anonymous said: I'm voting from germany and I'm pretty sure it counts because it's still the american website :) Also I'm voting till mtv tell's me to stop (happens nearly all day :D) So I think they do count :D xx

Ah, okay! I hope so :) xx

Anonymous said: I bet the hunger games fandom is the one voting for springbreakers because why would anyone else vote?

Well, I guess that makes sense because they know Spring Breakers would be easier to beat in the final than us. Haha wow shady voting